About Us

SVP direct & SVP extra - the story so far!

Running a successful Print & Design agency in Stockport for over 15 years we really understand the importance of branding and advertsising your business. Due to the needs of our customers we expanded to start a new division of the company called Saverpassport which provided a very effective and inexpensive advertising product that allowed our clients to grow their business in the local area. Saverpassport was an "offer lead" passport sized voucher booklet ideal for the economic climate of its time. As the economy slowly began to improve our booklets naturally grew and changed into what is today the "SVPdirect". SVPdirect is an editorial driven glossy magazine which the users love to receive through their doors. We cover parts of Stockport, Trafford & South Manchester via door to door distribution. All our SVPdirects are delivered by our very own in-house team all with GPS tracking of every route.

The latest addition to our suite of magazine is "SVPextra". This magazine is very similar to our others only it is distributed through dispensers in local Gyms, Coffe Shops and prominant businesses around the area.

Our aim is to create affordable advetising to local business and create a really desirable local magazine for our users! We will keep expanding, changing and improving to keep in touch with the changing market place.